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Hello All


I got this message from Kay some time back but just found it in my Spam mail . So Sorry Kay no excuses .

”  Hi all just to let you know,my son Martyn and wife Vicki had a beautiful baby girl on 20/9/13,Olivia, all well and June and Len are now Great Granny and Grampa.(we already knew that!!) Regards Kay. ”

A bit of other info about last years Chuffer Cup wouldn’t go amiss either since i didn’t get there so could someone write something please and send me the results . maybe some pictures too if possible


Also Kay if you send me a picture of the Ankle Bighter I will put it on here



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May 282013

Chuffers Cup 12th April 2013



The annual pilgrimage to Dumfries usually starts on the Thursday and friends and relatives of Jim from all over the UK set off early and some will have a practice round at some of the other excellent Golf Courses around Dumfries and some sneaky ones will get their eye in on the Chuffers course. Others will take a more sedate drive over, stopping at pubs, off licenses and fast food outlets along the way.


Traditionally we all meet up at the Robert the Bruce and it was good to see members of the family and friends we have always known and friends we have made because of the Chuffer’s Cup. Although we only see each other once a year, it soon becomes a great evening of laughter and insults. This year, the proceedings were interrupted by members of the Fashion Police who cautioned Russ for wearing a shirt from Eddie Jordan that Russ must have borrowed from him in the dark, but arrested Tommo for impersonating a Liquorice Allsort in his pristine white jacket and dark trousers. At the end of the night, some went venturing down to the Globe while others went for an early night thinking this would help them to play golf better the next day. How deluded is that ?


The 15th Anniversay Friday dawned a little grey and overcast but the sun came out a few times and the groups set off with some succumbing to the dreaded 1st shot blues and the inevitable excuses of “I haven’t played for 12 months” Yeah right !


A great day’s golf was had by players and walkers but we really missed the Beer Cart trundling around and the sight of the more dedicated golfers putting down their McKewan’s while they take that important shot.


Back in the clubhouse, more laughter and drinks and then after a fine meal with excellent service, the final placings were announced by Paul but not before he thanked everyone for turning up and that makes us think why do we turn up ? It is quite simple really, first and foremost this day is about remembering Jim and what his memory means to each one of us and knowing that our presence there helps and supports his family and we know that they really appreciate it. Secondly, we meet up with old friends and can share memories of Jim and the previous Chuffer’s and lastly because it is a good Craic ( or the equivalent in Scotland)


Ok now for the official part;

Mike Rennie –            nearest the pin.

Neil Patterson –         longest drive.

Stuart Duggan –        best tryer (Duffer) 19 points.

Garry Miller –             4th place, 35 points.

Barry Thomson –      3rd pace, 37 points.

Chris McQueen –     2nd place, 39 points.

Nathan Watson –      1st place, 40 points.


Nathan was a worthy winner and made a speech that belied his youthful 13 years of age and with a handicap of 11, we wish him well for an exciting future and hope he will defend his title next year.


Next came the raffle and June thanked all those who contributed gifts and told us that over 400 Scottish and English pounds was raised for charity which is excellent. During the excitement of the raffle it was good to see that winners were good to put back multiple wins into the raffle and that makes it go much further. We are not saying that there was some insider trading with Jan going on but certainly the 4 eyed Raggy Tashed Cockney’s table was creaking with booty from the raffle !


A few heartfelt words of thanks from June and Len closed the day and we all went outside for the official photographs, it was sad not to have Tinny here this year but at least we didn’t have to try to find a box for him to stand on. A great day was had by all and it wasn’t finished yet.


The finale of the whole day is always the session at the Globe and the anticipation of

seeing Billy’s X-rated performing dog was soon tinged with sadness as we learnt that he had passed away. (the dog, not Billy). Apparently he is training him up for next year.


When I got there, the party was in full swing and everyone was sweating profusely in the 90 deg heat of the open fire but soon cooled down as Tam had the door open throwing out a drunken Lumberjack whom was threatening to clear the world of those pesky Englishmen and Jan countered that with a yell of “ I’ll set ma wee bairns on you “ You had to be there !

As the drinks flowed and the insults increased, Jan brought around yet another sponsored form for some worthy cause, Tam was fighting off another reveller and Russ was drinking another large G and T while telling us he had an early start in the morning. My night ended with the words of Jan falling on my unbelieving ears. “ I only drink on a Sunday”  I have witnesses !


Another brilliant stay in Dumfries was had by all, and the knowledge that if Jim’s family want us to keep returning, then return we shall and we see no reason for that not to continue. Thank you to all and see you all next year.

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May 282013

Hello All


Sorry these are a bit late but I am busy after last trip and will have the photo’s I have on the website soon .

In the mean time There were 2 people wrote their observations of this years Memorial Tournament so read these for now and see if you get an honourable mention — or a dis-orrible one for that matter

I heard that next year the medics will be giving artificial resuscitation demonstrations in the Robert the Bruce in an effort to join in the conversation .


A Chuffer

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Apr 092013

The dinner menu and awards will take place right after the last pair are in .

The menu for those who want to sit and eat with the party as usual is: Steak Pie, Lasagne, Chicken Curry, Prawn Salad. Puds: Sticky toffee pud, Chocolate fudge cake, Apple pie, followed by coffee or tea.

As usual see Kay before Tee-ing off to place your order .

One Final thing – Make sure to ask Barry what it was like at the Hong Kong Sevens where he’s just come back from . Not much point in going if you can’t drop that into the conversation with everyone you meet , is it Barry ?

I thought I’d give him a head start

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