Young Jim


Some Photos have been received that initially I was going to put in the Gallery . I decided against this and put them all on this page because I am hoping that if there is a story to one of them ( or group ) then I would like to treat it as another page .

So if you know why Jim ( very young ) seems to be sitting in a portacabin with what looks like 4 refugees from the Louisianna Swamps ( or maybe relations from the Scottish Highlands ?) then let me know and I will put it with the photo .

Use the comments form at the bottom of the page to leave any comments on these gems .



Look Ma ! on top of the world ………..


How Chav is that ? Wearing white to show off the Tan !



This has to be Hillbilly land — Any one know anyone here ?



The Dinnells were left homeless after someone burnt down the tenement they lived in — Jim was also caught smoking the day after … not agood week alround for the Young Dinnell .

Len slept okay until the tide came in ……


The sea was in Jims blood at an early age — the sand was in his shorts .



Sam Torrance offered Jim life long advice such as ..” keep your hands in front and clasped when sitting with your mates ”

Not a true Jock — he’s showing money not hiding it







Aye it was hard on the road … but come winter Jim would have his own shirt .



The only Seismic picture of Jim — Come on guys there must be others

holidays were better when the train came to Dumfries — except when it rained :(

Women in long dresses , men in —– well I hope it was warm that day !


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  1. I’ve put some comments in on some pictures to start off but if you know anything about them click on the pictures and add comments to individual pictures . Please leave a comment on this page if you have similar or other pictures of jim growing up .

  2. How do we get photos to you?

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