The Chuffer Cup –

It’s a golf tournament , a social gathering , it’s a memorial trophy for a good friend and workmate .

In April 1998 Jim Dinnell died while working in India and because of the timing of other events at this time non of Jim’s friends and colleagues could get to the funeral . So because of this it was decided that a Golf day would be the ideal way for his friends to pay their respects and let Jim’s family meet the people Jim worked with .

So a year after his death we gathered in Dumfries for the inaugral Chuffer Cup competiion . Because everyone enjoyed it so much the tournament has been kept going by work colleagues , friends and family and recently celebrated the 10 th anniversary .With the exception of the 2000 tournament all the courses have and wil be played in the Dumfries area .

The correct name is “The Jim Dinnell Memorial Trophy ” but Jim’s catchphrase was “What a Chuffer ” which probably referred more to the fact the person did some thing wrong ( you know — nice but dim ) rather than being a Chutney Ferret ! – I hope so anyway !

This site is a contact and Info point for those who want to go to and have been to the Tournament . It also provides memories and photos of friends at the tournaments over the years and will be expanded as more things become available . If you have any thing that can be included or you would like to see in it please use the contact form at the bottom of the main page .

A. Chuffer

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