Picture Captions Week 4


This weeks picture is not strictly Chuffer Cup but does featuresĀ  Rae ” Clifford ” “Juicy ” Mellon who each year helps organise the event – if your local and you know him please feel free to write a caption – To all others ” here’s your chance ”

A Chuffer

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  9 Responses to “Picture Captions Week 4”

  1. Yes but which one os Clifford ?

  2. You look nervous Rae – scared of Dumbo treading on your foot ? “Och, that’s nae bother – but see if this bassa’s trunk goes near mah wallet ….

  3. It’s easy to tell which one is Rae — Short , fat , blank expression with a large nose that gets into everything ——–ooooops see what you mean !

  4. Come on quick. Let’s get you back to my place before anyone sees us together. Says the elephant.

  5. Any chance of some free food for a miserable animal ? Aye but take this bit o’ string off ma leg first.

  6. Wankers the lot of you

  7. I cant stop laughing at these comments very good you chuffer ,i will be out with the camera next year so watch out .

  8. please dont use “A.Chuffer ” as a nickname — can you supply another and i will approve the comment


  9. Rae has tricky second shot to the green from here.

    But he remembers local rule 303 – free drop 2 clubs length from unmovable hazzard.

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