Picture Captions Week 3


Remember keep it clean !

And also all are fair game    :)

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  1. This year saw our first Asian golfer enter the tournament – Bar Yoy Tong Sung who was placed 3rd overall was heard to say ” AAAAHHH SO ” when somebody said ” there a little Nip in the air today ! ” – It sounded like that anyway !

  2. Jan said ” hey yoo ******* Ya Ken ********* This ere ************** I’ll ****** Do ******* The ********** next ***** faatha’s******ya Wee ********** ” sorry but I knew it would be waste of time trying to write what she actually said on a family web site !!!!!!! Maybe next year !

  3. Tinny – Just take the picture of our faces, I don’t want anyone to see the box I am stood on !

  4. Nice to see wee barry wi a smile on his coupon,not often he smiles, as for Tinny he looks as if he has had a stroke down his left hand side,he has had that before whenever he has to get his left hand into the pocket where the wallet is stored away.

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