Jun 182012

Hello All ,

Some of you may remember the blinding piece of blind side tackling Rae “Juicy” Mellon did at The Chuffer Cup this year where he managed to achieve his aim of getting just about everyone there to sign a piece of paper to sponsor him for the above entitled Caledonian Challenge 2012 .

Well he has done it . From what I understand looking at the website ( see the link in the side bar ) Rae and Scott Ramsey and the Medic John Vine from the Ramform Challenger managed to do 26+ miles up and down mountains starting at Fort William and finishing at Glen Coe  on the 17th June . Not the way many people would spend there weekends but they did manage to raise a lot of money for charity ( when I found out how much I will put it here ) . They managed to finish it injury free except for blisters and Rae’s wonky knee ( I think ) but a big well done to them for giving up there time for doing it and I look forward to writing about them doing it again next year .

A Chuffer

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  1. Thanks everyone for your sponsorships for the walk,it was hard going but we all managed it ,overall we raised just over £2000.00

  2. There was a conversation near the end which went a bit like this.

    Scott- So you enjoyed it Juicy
    Juicy- NO
    Scott- So you would not do it again.
    Juicy- When i am finished the boots are going on Ebay and the poles are going in the fucking bin.

    Also while going up the Devils staircase Juicy was quoted as saying the following.
    You know these guys that climb Everest and eventually they get to a point where they say just leave me here to die i cant go on. Please Scott just leave me here and put some rocks on top of me just go please.

    Well done mate you did us proud and gave me a laugh on the way round. Next year the 54 mile challenge 😉

  3. AH this is more like it . This is like the Juicy we know . Well well done and I am reeeeeealy looking forward to writing about you when you do next years challenge . Well Done !

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