Apr 222012

Hello Peeps

Well the 14th Anniversary of The Chuffer Cup has come and gone with no one volunteering to write a review after being put off by Colins excellent character assassination ,of myself amongst others, that he did last year . Yes well done Colin !

There were a few suprises and a reduced turn out this year but that still did not stop it going ahead with  everyone , really , enjoying themselves . To those in seismic that remember the dinosaur years there was the welcome suprise of seeing a dinosaur in the shape of Stuart McGuiness .From the  GSI , Haliburton era , he  played a slide show of embarrassing photos from that time ( You should see the ones of Russ ) of peoples past and present . Another good reason not to have your photo took , 20 years on and they are still coming back to haunt . This was offset by Russ constantly berating the fact that his good friend Chris Toner wasn’t there so he could compare the size of waistlines between Stuart and Chris and receding hairlines between the 3 of them .

The locals did there usual good turn out and about 24 golfers turned up this year with the odd ones that didn’t play due to injury ( Andy Sinnott) and too scared too play ( you know who ) coming for support.  Despite the previous days BBC weather forecast of torrential downpours and Lightning storms ( for which I replaced my steel tipped umbrellas for plastic ones )   the weather was fantastic all day which looking at the previous post on the web site means I am going to be very careful about what I say and write from now on . It also contributed to the safe driving of the buggy drivers this year !

Congratulations to Joe Donohue for winning the Cup this year and Steve stone and Tinny for 2nd and 3rd respectively . Also Stuart Fitzpatrick for nearest the pin and Stumpy for the longest drive . Finally on the awards front it’s been suggested that if you win The Duffer Chuffer cup for the lowest score for 3 years running you should be allowed to keep it . I don’t think this is a good idea for a couple of reasons mainly because I don’t want to win it and also because it’s Gordy ‘s way of topping up his whisky bottle each year . Well done Gordy keep up the low scores pal  .

Len and June did their accomplished party piece of doing the prizes ( they should be getting the routine off better than Morecombe and Wise  by now ) although I don’t think Len will volunteer to do the raffle sales again next year , it is a bugger tearing off all the raffle tickets . The amount raised for charity this year was over £500 and went to the British Heart Foundation . Once again Kay sorted out the food for which the club caterers did us proud and thanks to Juicee  (Rae Mellon ) for sorting out the club , dates and other things needed for the Tournament . Also for booking my golf cart , not ranting on about the conspiracy the SFA has against Celtic and his generous donation to the Rangers fighting fund on the night time P&%$$ Up at Jans place .  It was one coin but it looked a BIGGUN   . Thanks to everyone who turned up and anybody who should get a special mention but didn’t but your efforts are appreciated .  Next year we hope to see Paul Dinnell back to good health and playing you were sorely missed . All the photee’s will be put in the gallery as soon as I am sent them by various people and I will update comments etc as they are put in .

We all know why we turn up for the tournament each year to remember Jim . This year it was another special occasion it was the 50th Anniversary of Jim’s parents Len and June . Doug McConnachie ( who hasn’t missed a year yet he reminds us ) was chosen to mark the occasion with presenting a crystal glass plaque ( Tims idea —- yes really he thought of it himself ) to commemorate this from all the people who turn up and have turned up for The Chuffer Cup . Doug made a nice little speech reminding everyone  that the tournament has been going on so long it has seen other notable occasions like the birth of Pauls 2 children , the marriage of Steve and Kay , the death of John Steele ( after who the longest drive trophy is named and perhaps saddest of all the round bought by Juicee for whome so many missed the opportunity of seeing where his money is actually kept :)  Doug says” no more speeches next year ” we will see .   This year the 15th anniversay of  Jims death and next year is the 15th Anniversay of the cup so any ideas how to celebrate next year – answers on a post card .

Finally all our best wishes go to Colin Fairlamb and his wife Jane who is ill  at the moment and we hope she gets well soon .  Yes your sarcastic repartee and thievery of Russ’ dinner plate was missed along with Chris Toner , Trevor Benson and ANDY SHARPE this year so No excuses Next Year .

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