May 192014

Hello All ,

Well sorry for the lateness of this but I am sure someone said they would write a pice about this years cup and they seemed to have forgot ?

So I will try to recollect what happened that day although myself and Mr Harrison only lasted 9 holes ( in the buggy – less than that if you talk golf) and the rest I will make up as I go along .

The usual faces where there on Thursday night in the Robert The Bruce pub ( the usual ones disappeared from Dumfries in the morning as well ) and a lot of catching up was done . Russ did not do his sponsored Pigathon as that was a bit of perfidery , this is what the free online dictionary says about that word and you can guess who it was that did it — Deliberate breach of faith; calculated violation of trust; treachery: “the fink, whose perfidy was equaled only by his gall”.

it was a bit of a suprise to see certain other jocks there but the less said about that the better .

All retreated to Jans place later on where for once in countless years we got kicked out early because the lady lost her keys and had to borrow Tams . So she left sober while she could still keep hold of the keys .

The next day there were more drop outs than usual due to old age , sore bones , the usual drink related diseases and whatever else . We continued unabated and the die hards played there golf and the undead hearts socialised as usual . After 9 holes some of us sought the sanctuary of  the 19th hole and after more beer waiting for the finishers we had our meal and presentations .

As usual the food was good the speeches short and the usual chaos of the wraffle was had . I don’t know how much was collected ( I’m not a journalist taking shorthand notes you know) but it was a healthy amount and thanks for all those who chipped in even if they were not there


The day wound down in Jans pub if you got there ( i didn’t so can’t tell any lies about that part ) and hopefully everyone got home safely next day . No accident or police reports seen yet or do you know different ?

Lastly a big thatnks to all the usual people who set it all up including Len, June,Paul Jan and Kay , Jims family . Also Juicee and all the others for doing the handicap and sorting out the club . thanks to the club for having us again this year and thanks to Jim for keeping the weather good as rain was predicted again this year and again it stayed away . Must be him !

Anyone who would like to add please send me via the contact page your email and I will tell you how to do it and any photos will be appreciated .

Oh and one thing I nearly forgot . The tournament has been running for 17 years and this year Neil Patterson won the cup . He’s worth a special mention because of course he won . But also because he has attended every cup since it started and this is the first time he has won . If it was a driving test he’s have given up a long time ago but he didn’t and he was tremendously happy to win it for the first time . Well done from all of us .

It shows we all have a chance to win it if you follow the golden rules

Practise hard

lie about how much you play golf

stay out of Jans place on Thursday night

last more than 9 holes .

Easy !


A Chuffer


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Mar 232014

Hello All

Just a quick thank you to HOOKER ( Derek Briggs to the civilised ) for the photees from last year . just got them on before this years tournament .
Will try better next year .

A chuffer

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Mar 222014

If anyone wants to sponsor me , I am doing a sponsored eat at the Indian across the road from Robert the Bruce on the Thursday evening in aid of the Kent Flood appeal. Unbeknown to many the heavy rains forced the closure of Waitrose for two days,leaving many local residents without access to necessities such as Tenuta Di Fassia, Mini Amaretti biscuits, and Quails eggs. There was a complete run on Mineral water, forcing unfortunate residents in Tonbridge Wells to opt for tap water. (Yes, TAP WATER!)
I reckon as it is for charity I shouldn’t have to pay for my groceries, so if anyone fancies footing the bill I would appreciate it.
Anyway, I hope you can all dig deep as i reckon after a six hour drive and only three stops for Gingsters I will be Hank Marvin.


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                                                            Russ Harrison ?


                                                           Hank Marvin ?


                         NOPE ! That’s not going to fly !

A. Chuffer

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Mar 222014

To those that have asked Mr Mellon has said that he is sure it is 10.00 am and if you are there @ 09.30-0945 it shouldn’t be a problem .
Just talked to that bugger who won’t be there because he has to go back to the ship ( sorry about that ) and he says he is off to Parkhead to watch celtic with his mates Jamesee and Rab . Couldn’t be —- could it ?


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Jan 122014

Well Hello All ,

Sorry but it’s been a while since the web site was updated and I still need to update last years results and add all the reports of last years Chuffer Cup which were written by people who didn’t send them in .

This year Juicee has organised it for 4th April 2014 . This being the best time for most people to fit in . We are working on a few new faces and some older ones returning and the urge to pack my bags and leave the wife and kids for the 3 days is still there , even if and especially because I didn’t make it last year .

To remind some people why we do it I’ll just point to the about page and remind all it’s the 16th anniversary of the tournament .

It’s also that one time of year when we can see old friends that we know ( local and working) that we can’t see any other time of year so …… make the effort to come !

If you get contacted by Russ’ usual email telling you the date then pass it on to anyone you know wants to come but isn’t on the list . Do you know anyone that Jim was at University with and doesn’t know about the tournament .

To David Coulthard if your around Dumfries about the 4th of April maybe you would like to drop in and help present the prizes ……. now e’ll see if he reads this web site !

Anyway see you all in the Robert Bruce about 19:30 before I head down to jans for an early game of Doms ( Dominoes not Domination ) and an early release to bed for the golf next day .

See you all soon and Juicee book that Golf buggy for me and my injured leg mate .


A . Chuffer